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At Small Business Transportation, we realize the secret to our success is that we have been able to customize our services to fit the needs of our customers, whatever the size. In fact, we have dedicated an entire division to servicing customers with minimal transportation budgets. To us, no account is too small. In fact we take pride in stating that we have many customers that have been with us from the beginning, and have grown with us. Our customers have benefited from our success as we have from theirs, a true partnership.

Every customer, whatever the size, has a dedicated Account Representative assigned to them, enabling us to become familiar with the customers needs and goals. Therefore, whenever a customer calls us, they will always talk to the same person whom they know is familiar with their account and situation, and can handle their inquiries with ease.

Due to our large volume of shipping, our customers are able to enjoy freight cost savings of 20-30% savings on their present L.T.L. shipments. Added to this, is our ability to retrieve up to the minute updates on the whereabouts of our customer's shipments, as well as command their full and prompt attention should an unforeseen problem arise. The personal attention given by our customer representatives means that our customer's shipments are monitored from order entry to delivery, ensuring that the right order gets to the right place at the right time.

  • Full Truck Loads
  • Less Than Truck Loads
  • Parcels & Letters
  • Trade Shows
  • Rail Shipments
  • Hazardous Material Transport
  • Expedited Air Service
  • International Services


  • Cost Savings on average 20 - 30% vs. current L.T.L. carriers
  • Flexible and Simplified Service Options
  • International Coverage
  • In-Transit Merge

Service and Support

  • Internet Tracking, Tracing and Rating
  • Personal Customer Service
  • Superior time - definite service, (1-4) days delivery anywhere in continental U.S.
  • Each terminal is secured with 24-hour security video coverage
  • EDI- linked services


  • Lowest claims ratio in the industry (0.247% vs. industry average of 1.5%)
  • Financial Stability / Debt Free / Established Network
  • Total Quality Management
  • Proper Billing Application
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